MVC designs and manufactures exciting decorative components that bring life to our customers’ products. We pride ourselves on being experts in chrome plating and painting of plastic and stainless steel parts and can complement these parts with a full range of decorative emblems and assemblies. MVC has a fully integrated process that includes tool design and build, component manufacturing, finishing and assembly. We offer the flexibility to bring our customers exciting and innovative solutions that make their products shine.

MVC is a wholly owned subsidiary of MVC Holdings, LLC. The company is a leading manufacturer of interior and exterior decorative trim products for the automotive and commercial truck industry. Our core manufacturing processes include:

  • Nickel-chrome plating on plastic and stainless steel surfaces
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Metal stamping
  • Exterior base and clear coat painting
  • Second surface acrylic molding, vacuum metalizing and decorating
  • Assembly

MVC’s efforts over the past several years have resulted in diversifying into a variety of interior and exterior trim products. These products span from the exterior of the vehicle – including body side moldings, grilles, headlamp and fog lamp bezels – to highly custom interior trim components such as instrument panel clusters, speaker grilles and center console trim. By offering the latest in finishing applications, we help our customers keep consumers excited about their new vehicles. MVC products can be found on a wide range of cars and trucks, including:

  • GM Truck and SUV platforms
  • Toyota Camry and Corolla
  • Ford Mustang
  • Chrysler 300
  • Dodge Ram
  • Chevy Cruse and Impala
  • VW Passat and Beetle
  • Chrysler Jeep
  • Fiat 500

For over 65 years, MVC has been designing, developing and manufacturing plastic and metal components for the automotive industry. Under new ownership since 2008, the company has expanded its core manufacturing competencies through vertical integration to include chrome plating on stainless steel, various satin finishes on the plastics plating line and micro-crack chrome boundary layer technology. We also manufacture metal racks for both paint and plating operations and in-source the manufacturing of metal wires used on wheel covers and caps.

Our core competencies not only include the full spectrum of plating technologies but also involve the significant “up front” areas of engineering, design, product development, and advanced manufacturing of plastic and metal components. MVC is vertically integrated, meaning that we are a full-service supplier that can take responsibility for every stage of a project from design concept to production. Our location in Staples, Minnesota has in-house capabilities to design and build all of its tools, dies and check-fixture gauges necessary to manufacture our products. This capability gives MVC the unique ability to utilize its vast experience in manufacturing and create tooling that enhances product value.  

In our Newberry, South Carolina, facility, MVC has continued to transform and expand its capabilities in the metal-forming processes. The company continues to produce high quality metal stampings used on Class A decorative surfaces. The stainless steel wheel clad has proven to be more durable and has demonstrated minimal warranty issues over a multiple-year exposure. With this performance, our customers are starting to look at the stainless steel clad for many different vehicle lines. Our continuous improvement of plating and painting processes has been augmented with high-precision water jet equipment. Newberry is now expanding into the consumer goods market, which will result in higher plant utilization of its refined metal forming expertise.  

Newberry continues to expand the use of the vacuum metalizing equipment originally brought in to manage the product line of second surface acrylic emblems. Innovative uses of this equipment provide for the development of flexible, bright applications for highly critical automotive interior applications. MVC continues to add to the core manufacturing processes of injection molding, painting and vacuum metalizing to augment its future product development.  The addition of this capability and continual product refinement has the Newberry facility ready to reset and grow in 2013 and beyond.

Based in Roseville, Michigan, MVC is 56 percent woman owned and certified as a pdfWBENC Certificate 2016.pdf. We operate design, tooling and manufacturing facilities near our customers in the Midwest and Southeast United States.

pdfSGS ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certificate